CallMiner and Morae Global Announce Partnership to Deliver Conversational Behavioral Analytics for Financial Services Risk Mitigation and Regulatory Compliance

CallMiner, a provider of speech and customer engagement analytics platform CallMiner Eureka, announced a partnership with Morae Global Corporation, a full-service, technology-enabled, integrated solution provider for the legal and compliance function. The new partnership combines CallMiner’s speech analytics for behavioral insight with Morae Global’s unique expertise in legal risk and compliance for financial services to spotlight threats that model-based solutions are incapable of capturing. 

Regulations such as Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and MAR place increasing demands on compliance and risk departments, trading desks, CFOs, and legal teams in the financial markets. Intensified regulatory scrutiny means that companies must engage in the active monitoring of employee actions to ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. Such monitoring will identify and address potentially noncompliant and fraudulent activity. 

CallMiner and Morae Global deliver a new regulatory risk mitigation and compliance solution that steps beyond traditional compliance approaches by leveraging sophisticated speech analytics technology to analyze audio interactions and uncover potential noncompliant behavior. Advanced audio analytics, delivered through Morae Global’s Audio IQ platform, apply CallMiner’s AI-fueled speech analytics technology to uncover undesirable behavior based on what is being said, when it was discussed and how the conversation occurs in context with previous or subsequent actions or communications. Key benefits are:

  • Predictive – Prior actions and indications of illicit behavior can be used to train models to identify similar scenarios and occurrences enabling proactive mitigation and compliance.
  • Comprehensive – A highly scalable solution capable of 100% surveillance means every call is monitored.
  • Manageable – Automated objective risk scoring efficiently focuses attention on the most critical activities.    

Focusing on the behavior that matters most is supported by risk scoring based on voice and conversational analytics. Morae domain expertise contributes to uniquely effective communications categorization to provide accurate threat identification while minimizing false positives. Traders are scored based on unique speech characteristics and other conversational elements that provide some indication of noncompliant behavior. When used in context with each other, review-worthy occurrences are then color-coded based on user-established criteria, making it easy for compliance officers to spot behavior for further investigation.

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