M*Modal Delivers Conversational Order Entry with Contextual Awareness of the Patient Record

M*Modal, a provider of clinical documentation and Speech Understanding solutions, announced that it showcased its virtual assistant and conversational order entry solution at the 2019 HIMSS Conference.  Building on its long history of delivering cloud-based conversational solutions that drive more intuitive and efficient workflows for clinicians, M*Modal Fluency Assistant is designed to transform the patient-physician relationship and the overall experience of healthcare.

The M*Modal EHR-integrated virtual assistant takes computerized physician order entry (CPOE) to the next level with an ambient and conversational interface that mitigates many of traditional CPOE’s usability challenges that are known to increase physician frustration and risk of professional burnout. Leveraging its market leadership in speech-driven physician-assistive solutions, M*Modal is committed to creating time to care by streamlining clinical workflows and freeing doctors who spend nearly 50% of their time with computers and desk work.

Learning from the well-documented unintended consequences and disruptions to clinician workflows that result from CPOE implementation, the M*Modal platform provides clients a strategic pathway to incremental innovation by progressively building physician confidence and buy-in.

Going from speech recognition to understanding the context of the dictated narrative with regard to the patient visit and the medical record, M*Modal then enables physicians to engage with built-in Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD). The physicians who rely on M*Modal can now move further along this continuum to leverage a virtual assistant designed to enhance the patient-physician interaction, drive higher-quality care, and reduce physician burnout. The use of a reliable ambient device further enhances the hands-free EHR experience for clinical interactions and speech-driven clinical workflows.

Cloud-based M*Modal Fluency Assistant helps physicians to conversationally place laboratory, imaging, and medication orders, which have shown to take up to 10% of their time. Untethering the physician from the computer, the M*Modal virtual assistant lines up both explicit and implicit orders gathered from the conversation between the doctor and patient. This is possible because of M*Modal’s continuous understanding of the patient’s past and current clinical conditions including medications, allergies, etc.

The M*Modal conversational CPOE system provides physicians with contextually-relevant insights that are intelligently presented at appropriate times within the normal EHR workflow to enhance patient care. The M*Modal system is designed to mitigate some of the usability issues, picklist problems, hardwired workflow difficulties and other side effects associated with traditional CPOE systems to prevent adverse healthcare events for both patients and physicians.

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