CarBot Selects Acapela to Integrate In-car Aftermarket Entertainment System

CarBot has chosen Acapela text-to-speech to voice enable its in-car computer. CarBot allows anyone to bring their digital music and MP3 collection into the car, and have up-to-date e-mail and news read while driving.

"Acapela Speech synthesis is essential to CarBot's user interface. The e-mail reader is one application that's really on the cutting edge, and the speech engine is at the heart of that; but speech isn't just about reading-oriented tasks. By making text-to-speech an integral part of our plugin API, we allow all our current and future applications to convey information through speech -- so that drivers can operate CarBot without ever taking their eyes off the road", underlined Damien Stolarz, CarBot CEO.


CarBot is an in-car entertainment computer system. It can be installed into any car that has a radio.


The New York Times, which recently wrote an article on the CarBot product quoted: "To read e-mail, CarBot uses a woman's [UK Female] voice from the Acapela Group. It is pleasantly jarring to hear e-mail messages that sound like a BBC broadcast."


CarBot uses Acapela text-to-speech to read back names of song folders, names of songs and artists, while navigating the MP3 folder hierarchy. The system can be used with handheld remote control and voice prompts - no screen required. Acapela TTS reads back e-mail or any other text that is sent to the unit via WiFi or wireless connectivity.


"High-quality TTS enables applications that make safe, productive and entertaining use of commute times. With voice feedback, you navigate a collection of MP3s, or catch up on recent e-mails, news stories, or RSS feeds without taking your eyes off the road" concluded Damien Stolarz.

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