CereProc Expands Its TTS Accent Portfolio

Speech synthesis company CereProc has updated and expanded its English language voices with location-specific accents it offers Android users as downloadable mobile applications.

CereProc has developed and added more than 15 Android applications to its language portfolio to offer high-quality synthetic voices that retain the character and sentiment of the voice artist with specific regional accents. Ranging from accents native to the United States, Ireland, France, Scotland and across England, CereProc delivers the mobile apps using its patented text-to-speech (TTS) technology.

Suitable for any application that requires speech output, CereProc's mobile apps allow Android users to synthesize a number of functions. From receiving navigation directions, newsfeeds, eBooks and SMS text messages via synthesized speech, the smartphone owner can have the information delivered in a specific accent that he or she finds more engaging, attractive, or funnier than the standard British voice typically used in mobile applications.

"We're very aware of the lack of choice currently given to consumers in terms of the character of synthetic speech output on mobile devices, and so we're proud to be able to offer people different options," said CereProc CEO Paul Welham in a statement. "From lovely lilting Irish to broad Glaswegian accents, our apps are enabling Android users to select an accent that they like to listen to. We hope that by making their experience more rich and engaging, people will use the applications more and ultimately explore the capabilities of the speech technology further."

Offering many distinctive location-specific accents within the United Kingdom and abroad, including Glaswegian, Northern and Southern English and Irish, the synthetic voices have been developed to display character and emotion, with each Android app designed to integrate seamlessly into the smartphone owner's experience.

"The mobile platform is a key area for growth for us. People are increasingly using their mobile devices not only to connect to the world but also to carry out many everyday activities like navigation and catching up on the news. To reflect this shift in behaviour - still in its infancy -we've prepared by accommodating this new channel as part of our wider strategy, and ultimately increasing the opportunities for people to experience the benefits of, and to engage with, speech synthesis," Welham added.

Full of character and emotion, CereProc's wider language portfolio is available for download and deployment across multiple platforms using Windows, Mac OS X, CereVoice Cloud, SDK or cServer products.

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