Clari Receives Voice Patent

Among the five U.S. patents that Clari received recently, one covers a technology that allows for voice-enabled updates to CRM systems.

With this technology, users can capture and update CRM systems via voice commands.

The four other patents include technologies around revenue data synchronization, classification, revenue activity velocity, and task completion estimation. They are all the latest additions to Clari's portfolio of innovations designed to streamline the B2B revenue process

"Clari's patent portfolio has seen rapid growth, building on our continued investment in best-in-class technology and the growth of our engineering organization," said Venkat Rangan, chief technology officer and co-founder of Clari, in a statement. "We leverage advanced AI and machine learning to help B2B companies operationalize their [go-to-market] strategies and deliver predictable revenue by automatically integrating data from across the revenue process, providing total visibility to all levels of the revenue team and streamlining execution."

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