Conexant Debuts AudioSmart Smart Source Pickup Software for PCs and Tablets

Next week Conexant Systems will unveil its new Smart Source Pickup (SSP) voice and speech processing software for PCs and tablets.

Designed to work with any hardware CODEC, Conexant's stand-alone AudioSmart software provides clear voice quality, eliminates noise from the microphone input signal during VoIP calls, and dramatically improves automatic speech recognition (ASR) system performance.

Conexant's AudioSmart software is based on its proprietary SSP noise suppression algorithm. SSP is a blind source separation technology that uses spatial representation of target speech and noise sources to reduce interference. Speech and noise can arrive at any angle relative to the microphones; SSP even removes noise when it comes from the same direction as desired speech, and when the speaker is up to five meters away from the target device. SSP can also reduce keystroke noise distractions during conference calls and other computer-based voice communications.

Conexant's lineup of AudioSmart software solutions for Windows and Android includes the following:

  • PRO: Designed for the modern corporate workforce; includes keystroke/tap noise elimination along with far-field VoIP experience and noise-reduced speech input available;
  • MAX: Optimized for multimedia and gaming enthusiasts; features improved VoIP for gaming, advanced noise-reduced speech input, and high-performance speaker correction; and
  • Classic: Designed for cost-sensitive markets and near-field use cases; features clear quality for VoIP, noise-reduced Speech input, and basic speaker correction for playback.

"Our AudioSmart software solutions make it possible to harness the power of human speech for a dramatically improved user experience when making VoIP calls or using speech recognition to control a device," said Saleel Awsare, Conexant vice president and general manager, in a statement. "PCs and tablets are obvious targets for our software, but there are many other applications that can benefit from our audio processing, including handsets, automotive, wearable computing, headsets, and more."

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