Convergys Adds to Decisioning Tool

Convergys has released version 5.0 of its Dynamic Decisioning Solution, which uses real-time business rules and policy management driven by customer data to help reduce costs, optimize revenue opportunities, and dramatically increase satisfaction and loyalty. A key component of the Convergys Intelligent Interaction Solution portfolio, Dynamic Decisioning Solution enables companies to take maximum advantage of every customer interaction -- from self-service to proactive notification to agent-assisted service.

"At Convergys, we focus on helping our clients maximize the value of thousands of customer interactions every day," said Mike Betzer, Convergys president of relationship technology management. "With this new release of Dynamic Decisioning Solution, we can build on our existing success by giving our clients more flexibility in updating the business rules that optimize the customer experience across all channels of customer communication. So as clients refine their business rules, they can effectively deliver more intelligence and therefore add more value to each and every customer interaction.”

By codifying and centralizing real-time business rules, the new version of Convergys Dynamic Decisioning Solution helps enterprises provide the following significant benefits:

  • Improved loyalty and retention of high-value customers through an improved customer experience. Dynamic Decisioning Solution helps deliver more personalized interactions and real-time adaptive responses to customer actions, as well as more effective save offers and “next best” actions targeting at-risk customers with a high value to your business. Dynamic Decisioning Solution can yield improvements in retention from 10% to 50%.
  • Reduced cost-to-serve. Dynamic Decisioning Solution helps drive efficiency improvements in customer interactions, limits the value of offers made to low-value customers, proactively identifies customer issues during interactions, and proactively sends outbound notifications regarding service and other customer issues that can reduce the volume of inbound service or complaint calls. Enterprises can often reduce their cost to serve by up to 25% when deploying Dynamic Decisioning Solution. A large wireless carrier recently implemented a Convergys solution powered by Dynamic Decisioning Solution to drive accuracy in its credits process, which can ultimately reduce its credit expense by 20% or more.
  • Increased revenue through more personalized and effective real-time targeting of cross-sell and up-sell offers as well as more consistent purchases of value-added services – via on-screen prompts for call center agents and retail employees, and direct-to-customer messaging on the Website and in the IVR, or delivered by E-mail, SMS or outbound calls.

While previous versions required data and event access behind the firewall, Dynamic Decisioning Solution 5.0 is deployable completely in the cloud. This capability can make the power of intelligent real-time customer interactions even more accessible, cost-effective, and easy to implement. From the client’s point of view, the new features in release 5.0 effectively eliminate operational differences between implementing Dynamic Decisioning Solution locally vs. remotely in an on-demand model that leverages the ubiquity of the Internet.

“We see the future of intelligent interactions, as well as much of the software industry going to an on-demand model, so we have focused our development efforts to ensure that Dynamic Decisioning Solution works completely and easily in the cloud,” Betzer said.

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