Cypher's Technology Reduces 17 Times More Background Noise

Cypher, a provider of audio enhancement solutions for mobile communications, announced that its voice isolation software reduced 17 times more background noise reduction than most smartphone models, following a performance evaluation by Spirent Communications, a global provider of telephony testing and measurement.

"These independent and rigorous test results demonstrate clearly how effective our unique approach performs at improving communication in noisy environments," said John Walker, Cypher's CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "By focusing on specific elements of human speech, our technology delivers the best voice isolation, voice clarity, and speech recognition performance in a much more affordable software-based solution."

Cypher's approach uses math, neural networks, and pattern matching techniques to detect and isolate the target speaker's voice and ignore all other background noises. The software can be adapted to operate on most of today's popular mobile processors, such as the CEVA TeakLite 4 DSP.

In comparing Cypher's voice isolation software against eight of the most popular cellphones on the market, Spirent used the ITU G.160 standard test for signal-to-noise ratio improvement (SNRI), which measures the amount of actual noise removed from the voice signal; the signal mean opinion score (S-MOS), which measures the quality of the voice after the filter is applied; and the noise mean opinion score (N-MOS), which measures the quality of the non-voice parts after the filter is applied. Overall, the results show a virtually complete elimination of background noise with an accompanying improvement in voice audio quality beating all leading smartphones tested.

"So much emphasis has been placed on making cellphones smarter that sound quality has taken a back seat," said John Yoon, Cypher's vice president of product, in a statement. "Cypher's software-only solution harnesses the smartphone's processing power to set a new level of audio performance, making crystal-clear conversations possible on every call, even from the noisiest places."

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