Digital Datavoice to Distribute Syntellect's Vista IMR

PHOENIX, AZ -- Syntellect Inc. (NASDAQ: SYNL) announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Digital DataVoice as a preferred supplier of speech-enabled, self-service, software solutions to Digital DataVoice. Digital DataVoice, a national integrator of contact center solutions based in suburban Minneapolis, specializes in creating automated, interactive, self-service solutions. It is expected that this agreement will enable the two companies to secure a greater percentage of the growing North American IVR replacement market. "We are constantly adding new, high-caliber channel partners to widen our distribution capabilities," said Mike Allison, vice president of Indirect Channels at Syntellect, "and we are particularly pleased to be adding a partner with the demonstrated, recognized professional services expertise of Digital DataVoice. They have designed and implemented call center solutions for almost twenty years and have a long list of satisfied customers. Their skills and market reach will allow them to deliver customer pleasing, cost-compelling, self-service solutions using our flagship product, Vista Interactive Media Response (IMR)." Vista IMR gives callers self-service access to data, applications and transactions within an enterprise, leveraging the use of existing databases. Callers typically request information through natural language voice commands and can receive the information via their choice of voice, fax, email, wireless or the Web. Enterprises strive to achieve the most cost-effective service levels in their contact centers by optimizing their mix of live agent-assisted and self-service call handling using Vista IMR. Founded in 1982, Digital DataVoice creates and implements customized contact center solutions utilizing multiple technologies including PBX/ACD, CTI, and IVR with speech recognition, while supporting multiple network and host environments, including email and Web integration. Digital DataVoice offers a full range of contact center professional services necessary to implement and support an effective, integrated contact center solution. These services include consulting, systems design, project management, system integration, custom application development, system stress testing, voice recording, maintenance and training. "We evaluated several of the major suppliers of interactive self-service solutions on the market today and we went with Syntellect," said Keith Gliva, general manager of DDV. "Syntellect made the transition to a software based product years ago. We feel their scaleable, distributed, open, standards-based, software platform that runs on NT servers supporting Java and VoiceXML applications offers market-leading functionality. This really allows us to maximize our professional services competency to deliver world-class solutions far better than the closed, proprietary, hardware-based systems of Syntellect's competitors. Vista's ability to support feature-rich applications written in Java and new applications written in VoiceXML version 2.0 will allow our customers to enjoy the best of both worlds and provides them with a clear bridge to the fully standardized industry vision of the future." "Studies have shown callers prefer speech-enabled to touchtone IVR systems and use automation up to 60 percent more," added Bob Berg, director of sales and marketing for DDV. "Speech recognition calls can take half as long to complete as touchtone calls, improving customer satisfaction and allowing far more calls to be serviced using existing staff, while reducing toll charges up to 50 percent. These are permanent, year-upon-year cost reductions that can translate into millions of dollars of annual operating savings for a typical contact center." Information for this story was gathered from Syntellect.
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