Ditech Networks Shows Good Traction One Year into the PhoneTag Relationship

Ditech Networks entered into a relationship with Simulscribe (PhoneTag) one year ago, anticipating carriers would start to offer voicemail-to-text services to their users. The market’s transition to wholesale services accelerated over the past 12 months, and Ditech Networks has seen good growth in this area, both in terms of customers and revenue. The company, in the current quarter, expects to approach or exceed $1 million of recurring revenue with the PhoneTag service.

The PhoneTag service has been extended to include multiple languages, to include an easy-to-use Web services interface, and to support transcription of conference calls and audio embedded in video or other multimedia files. Ditech Networks’ core voice quality expertise and algorithms are also being leveraged to improve the overall quality and consistency of the PhoneTag service.

Even while integrating and enhancing the PhoneTag product, Ditech Networks has managed to lower overall operating expenses.

“The voicemail-to-text business is emerging, and we believe we have a very competitive product with PhoneTag,” said Todd Simpson, CEO of Ditech Networks .

“The success we have had so far with the PhoneTag assets has been positive,” said Jamie Siminoff, founder of PhoneTag and now Ditech Networks’ chief strategy officer. “We have been able to utilize the Ditech assets to improve and grow the service.”

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