Dyna.Ai Launches with Dyna Athena and Dyna Avatar Solutions for Financial Sector

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Dyna.Ai has officially launched as a company in the artificial intelligence space and celebrated the launch with the release of Dyna Athena and Dyna Avatar, two speech-enabled products for the financial services industry.

"At Dyna.Ai, our mission is simple: empower work, enrich life. The global financial services sector is at a critical juncture, requiring enterprises to adapt rapidly to the AI disruption that's happening right in front of them. Faced with numerous challenges, business leaders desire solutions that equip them with cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of competitors in this rapidly evolving ecosystem," said Tomas Skoumal, chairman of Dyna.Ai, in a statement.

Dyna.Ai's comprehensive AI platform, which offers generative AI models featuring data curation, advanced customization, retrieval-augmented generation, and enhanced performance, includes Dyna Athena for text-to-speech, language, and speech processing, and Dyna Avatar for digital human interactions. Both solutions offer large language model-powered, task-specific solutions for banks and other financial services businesses.

Dyna Avatar provides real-time digital human interactions, featuring automatic speech recognition and dynamic experiences powered by conversational AI. It currently supports English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai.

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