Edentify and NJIT Launch Second Phase of Research Partnership

BETHLEHEM, Pa. & NEWARK, N.J. - Edentify, a provider of identity management solutions, is embarking on the second phase of its identity fraud research partnership with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). This semester, a three-student computer science team in NJIT's Capstone Program is identifying vulnerabilities in current identity security systems, and conceptualizing solutions to resolve weaknesses. Two Edentify executives are providing direction and oversight to the students' research and development efforts. The research partnership supplies Edentify with young talent and a new perspective on the identity fraud problem, while supporting the company's research and development efforts.

The first phase of the partnership took place over spring and fall semesters last year. A different team of students identified all types of identity-related security measures, including authentication, verification, anti-identity theft, and more. They then researched and developed a market survey that compared the top identity security solutions on factors such as deployment, cost, effectiveness, and industry.

This semester's student team is analyzing the survey results, hypothesizing where gaps exist in current solutions, and developing conceptual designs to potentially resolve the issues. They are working with Edentify's Joseph Hidalgo, vice president of product development, and John Ellingson, director of government services, who regularly review the students' progress and plan the next research step. Hidalgo and Ellingson also provide the students with industry knowledge and direction to keep them focused, and to maximize their learning experience in the short timeframe. If the discoveries are compelling, Edentify aims to incorporate them into its identity theft and fraud prevention tool.

In the third phase of the project, beginning this fall, a new team of students will design, build, and implement a software product that addresses the issues raised by this semester's students. Edentify is also working with NJIT to develop a curriculum and course in Identity Security.

"Our partnership with Edentify is going strong," says Osama Eljabiri, special lecturer and director of the Capstone Program at NJIT. "The students' passion for improving identity theft and fraud prevention is clearly evident in their progress so far. The project follows actual software design, development, project management, and application, so their findings have real-world application. Some of the best solutions for the Microsofts of the world started in college research settings such as NJIT's, so it's certainly possible these students might be on the cusp of groundbreaking discoveries."

NJIT started the Capstone Program in fall 2002. Each semester, graduating seniors majoring in computer science participate in an ongoing research project to develop, design, and implement software and computing solutions to solve real-world business problems, such as identity fraud. In addition to Edentify, NJIT has worked with more than 91 sponsor companies, including six Fortune 500 companies.


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