Empirix Launches Solution to Help Contact Centers with Cisco ICM Components

Empirix launched a  solution to help companies manage and improve the performance of Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) components. Empirix's OneSight for Contact Centers combines automated voice transaction monitoring with new OneSight Telephony Monitors that allow organizations to collect customer experience and system metrics from all elements of a Cisco ICM environment.

The resulting solution, OneSight for Cisco ICM, allows customer service executives and contact center/IT operations staff to pinpoint and address customer-impacting issues hidden within their technology infrastructures - issues that until now were obscured in various "black boxes."  With OneSight for Cisco ICM, customers can now correlate voice transaction performance with the health of each Cisco ICM component (and the surrounding telephony and speech infrastructures) to identify and isolate probable causes of common Cisco ICM issues such as:

  • Default routing or mis-routed calls;
  • CTI screen-pop errors and latency; and
  • Uneven call distribution.

OneSight for Cisco ICM is the first in a planned series of Empirix pre-packaged solutions for contact center components. Empirix is developing a number of vendor-specific contact center solutions and also offers platform monitors that can be customized for virtually any other vendor's offering.

Specific solutions now available from Empirix for Cisco ICM environments include:

  • OneSight for Cisco ICM CallRouter;
  • OneSight for Cisco ICM Logger;
  • OneSight for Cisco ICM Peripheral Gateway; and
  • OneSight for Cisco ICM Network Interface Controller.

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