FinVolution Contest to Tackle Voice Deepfakes

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FinVolution, a financial technology service provider, has launched the Ninth FinVolution Global Data Science Competition with a focus on deepfake speech detection this year.

The contest is part of the IJCAI (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) Competitions and Challenges track. It aims to inspire global artificial intelligence enthusiasts and experts to innovate in combating voice cloning and deepfake scams. Contestants will use deep learning technologies to develop models and algorithms based on FinVolution's test dataset. The competition will include large language model-generated fake voices to elevate complexity and spur innovation.

With a total prize pool of about $45,000, the contest will consist of preliminaries, semifinals, and a final, with an aim to authenticate true and false voices. Highest-ranked contestants will attend IJCAI 2024 in South Korea, to receive the awards and engage with academic and industry experts.

During the preliminaries, which run through June 12, participants will design algorithms based on FinVolution's white-box dataset and submit scoring results to qualify for the semifinals. The dataset primarily comprises voice recordings totaling 20-40 hours.

At the semifinal stage (June 13 to June 28), contenders are expected to refine their algorithms based on the black-box dataset provided by the competition organizer, vying for a spot in the final. The dataset, composed mainly of private data, contains five to 10 hours of recordings.

Participants can register on the official website through June 3 to download and view the datasets.

"The applications of large language models far exceed the corresponding detection technology, posing great challenges to information security. We hope to see AI deepfake voice detection technology keep pace with the developments of LLMs, thus safeguarding the data security of the public. With this concept in mind, the FinVolution Global Data Science Competition is not only a platform for technical competition but also an opportunity to explore how AI can better adhere to ethical principles and serve the public," said Lei Chen, vice president of FinVolution and head of its big data and AI division, in a statement.

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