Fonality Announces New Voice Recognition Technology

Fonality, a business phone and contact center solution provider dedicated to serving small and midsized businesses (SMBs) in the cloud or on-premises, has released Fonality Voicemail Transcription service. 

The fully automated voice recognition technology allows users to read voice messages in English or Spanish through email or SMS text on multiple devices, including PCs/Macs, smartphones, and tablets. 

Fonality Voicemail Transcription transcribes messages to email or SMS text. In addition, the interface displays caller name and phone number, message length and .wav files. With Fonality Voicemail Transcription, users can now read voicemails to get information faster than ever and still listen to them at a later time if they choose. 

"Listening to a voicemail is generally considered a time disruptor," said Rick Bushell, Fonality's chief technology officer, in a statement. "Texting and instant messages are quickly becoming the primary vehicles to correspond with colleagues and customers. With the ability to check voicemails on a customer's own terms by simply reading an email or text, workflow and priorities are far less likely to be interrupted. The Fonality Voicemail Transcription feature enables customers to stay productive and focused on what matters most to them."

Poster Garden is a West Coast-based provider of trade show and event display products that relies on timely correspondence to address customer queries and requests in a timely manner. President Travis Rigby is a firm believer in the productivity-enhancing functionality of Fonality's voicemail transcription.

"I never realized how much time I wasted checking and listening to lengthy voicemails until they were transcribed,"he said. "Since I receive hundreds of messages a day, it's critical to distinguish customers from solicitors. Listening to messages one by one to ensure that I didn't miss an important call can be a very long process. Now, I can determine the significance of a message via email in a fraction of the time. This technology is a game changer for our business and I plan to implement it with my entire team as soon as possible."

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