Fonix Adds Voice Recognition to Game Play

Fonix is making speech recognition programs for electronic games that allow players to control game functions with spoken commands - as in the Tom Clancy games Rainbow Six 3 and Ghost Recon 2.   According to a reviewer from the Official Xbox Magazine.  "Yell relatively complex commands at Ding Chavez's squad and they invariably and accurately carry them out," the magazine's February 2004 review of Rainbow Six 3 reads. "There are few purer joys than barking, 'Breach and clear on Zulu!' into the mic."   Speech recognition in games is also a way for gaming companies to make their products stand out in a crowded field where game manufacturers race for the next blockbuster, much like Hollywood movie studios, says Hong.   Voice recognition is used most often in military-themed games. But in the future, Hong speculates, players could use the technology to select game settings, quarterback a football team and query the game in role-playing adventures, among other uses.

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