Fonix iSpeak 1.4 Now Available for iPhone 3.0

Fonix Speech, a company specializing in embedded speech interfaces for mobile devices, handheld electronic products, video game systems, and processors, today debuted Fonix iSpeak 1.4 for the Apple iPhone 3.0 operating system.

Fonix iSpeak provides voice dial by name or number with speech recognition software (especially in noisy environments) and voice confirmation using recorded speech together with text-to-speech. Fonix iSpeak allows for nearly hands-free use, no buttons to hold while speaking, and quick integration of names and numbers from your contact list.

“While the iPhone 3GS recently introduced its own voice-recognition function, Fonix iSpeak works with any model of the iPhone,” said Fonix CEO Roger Dudley. “iSpeak was designed to manage more contacts and deliver a higher level of professional quality voice control than other technologies on the market.”

Fonix iSpeak 1.4 includes the following new features and functions:

  • Easily manages expanded number of contacts.
  • Delivers professional-quality voice prompts, improving the output sound.
  • Compatible with Apple’s new and improved iPhone 3.0 audio functionality.
  • After updating to the new iPhone 3.0 OS, current iSpeak users receive a free update to iSpeak 1.4 (the Voice Control software on the new iPhone 3GS is not available for 2G and 3G phones).
  • iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3GS users wanting the benefits of Fonix iSpeak may purchase iSpeak 1.4 through the Apple AppStore.

Fonix iSpeak runs on the device, eliminating time delays by processing the speech signal through an off-site server. The program does not record names and numbers on a public server, nor requires holding buttons on the iPhone when in use.

Fonix iSpeak can be purchased for $2.99 through the Apple iTunes App Store in the Productivity and/or Utilities category.

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