FreeConferenceCall.com Offers Keywords Tagging Feature

FreeConferenceCall.com has integrated VoiceBase's AutoNotes voice analytics technology into the FreeConferenceCall.com audio conferencing service, empowering millions of call organizers to generate transcripts of their conference calls almost immediately.

The new Keywords function powered by VoiceBase's AutoNotes allows users to click and play the exact moment in a discussion when a word or phrase was mentioned.

Keywords works in conjunction with the call-recording functionality of FreeConferenceCall.com to analyze the audio during calls and produces keywords that allow users to skip to relevant passages in their recorded conference calls. These extracted keywords and terms are emailed to the users immediately after the recorded call and then marked within the audio recordings so these passages can be made fully searchable. Users who make private calls will still have their conversations remain private; the fully-automated service is launched only when a user clicks to enable the Keywords feature.

FreeConferenceCall.com's Keywords feature also offers an Export to Evernote function that will allow users to merge the time-stamped Keywords that link into the original recording into their Evernote accounts, along with any other notes or documents that they have generated during the conference call.

"We are constantly seeking new features to strengthen the conference call experience," said Dave Erickson, founder and CEO of FreeConferenceCall.com, in a statement. "Our users are going to increase their efficiency using click-and-play keyword links within their recorded call minutes after their call ends. Being able to refer back to the content of their call so quickly is a natural extension of our free conferencing service and adds tremendous value for our customers."

"All of us have been on a conference call, and by the end of it, wondered who said what to whom, and when," said VoiceBase CEO Walter Bachtiger in a statement. "Even if you had a recording of the call, you would have to wade through the whole thing to find the passage you need. Now, with our partnership with FreeConferenceCall.com, you can use our keyword-tagged markers to skip to the passage you need."

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