GM Voices Identifies the Top 100 Voices

The phrase "Voice Branding" is now an important part of the Voice User Interface design process in speech recognition applications.  In reality, "voice branding" extends well beyond speech to include all the prerecorded voices throughout the enterprise.  The premise is simple.  Any time a customer hears a voice prompt, automated attendant greeting, IVR, on hold or ACD delay message, it should be consistent with the brand.  The best "Voice Brands" continue the brand story with consistent voices, audio logos and/or music no matter where the customer ventures in the organization. 

But how can we benchmark Voice Brands?  How can we identify the best?  We created the TOP 100 Voice Brands Web site to make it easy to judge the best voice brands. This site allows you to listen to hundreds of voice brands, nominate companies you think should be considered for the Top 100 ranking and learn more about "Voice Branding" in general. 

The site was created by GM Voices to provide an industry forum so voice user interface designers, marketing professionals and brand managers can see the best voice brands in America.  Learn more at www.top100voicebrands.com .

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