Genesys Releases Actionable Analytics Offering

Genesys, a provider of customer engagement and contact center solutions, today unveiled its patent-pending Actionable Analytics solution, a new approach to analyzing and leveraging customer interaction data to make critical business decisions.

According to the company, Actionable Analytics enables organizations to make automated, accurate decisions based on customer voice and text interaction data, a critical requirement to driving key business outcomes. The new solution improves cross and up-sell effectiveness, increases customer loyalty, reduces churn, and helps organizations meet key compliancy regulations. Actionable Analytics works by detecting defined events in speech and text analytics and invoking corresponding workflows for optimal closed loop effectiveness.

"With Actionable Analytics, customers now have a powerful business tool that combines market-leading speech analytics with our renowned routing technology to deliver better business outcomes," said Paul Segre, president and CEO of Genesys, in a statement. "Actionable Insights will revolutionize how companies use unstructured data to optimize their financial performance and customer loyalty."

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