Global IP Sound Launches Professional Services Group and Announces Partnerships

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Unveiling a strategy to accelerate implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony solutions, Global IP Sound launched GIPS Professional Services, a consulting and development tools package that makes GIPS' knowledge in packetized voice systems available to systems companies and application developers. GIPS Professional Services are a direct result of the company's experience in the implementation of commercially available VoIP systems for its customers, including providers of IP phones, media gateways and soft phones, as well as prototypes for next -generation systems such as personal digital assistants (PDAs). GIPS engineering teams in speech and sound processing work together with customer design teams to build Quality of Service (QoS) into network edge devices. The program is designed to speed the development of solutions for new VoIP implementations, and to provide enhanced first-generation products. "The handling of packetized voice presents a set of problems to system designers, and even companies with expertise in the intricacies of telephony hardware and application design cannot be expected to field an internal team with specialized knowledge in sound processing," said Roar Hagen, chief technology officer of Global IP Sound. "These problems are the heart of our core competence, so we took our direct experience working on real system implementations and built a services offering focused on time -to-market and QoS results." Third-party testing and direct user experience consistently validate the audio-quality improvements that GIPS SoundWare™ products provide for real-time IP communications. GIPS SoundWare addresses the inherent problems of echo, packet loss, and jitter on IP networks using a suite of products that optimize audio quality across a wide range of network conditions. Deploying GIPS SoundWare on edge devices provides a highly scalable and very cost-effective approach to improved QoS.
Global IP Sound Joins Trillium Alliance Program
SEATTLE, WA - Global IP Sound (GIPS), VoIP sound processing company, has joined the Alliance Program of Trillium Digital Systems Inc., a division of Intel, to help accelerate time-to-market of solutions that integrate both companies' communications expertise. Designed to facilitate the integration of each parties' respective technologies, the Trillium Alliance Program reduces the risk of implementing next-generation communications solutions while minimizing the associated development costs. Through this alliance with Trillium, a provider of communications software solutions, GIPS will support an interface to Trillium's SIP stack and the SoundWare product family. To help showcase the strength of GIPS and Trillium's combined technologies, both companies will demonstrate at Spring 2002 VON how the GIPS SoundWare product family complements Trillium's IP telephony solutions. "Trillium has long advocated that the deployment of code-efficient, reliable and robust software is needed to overcome the inherent limitations of packet networks in real-time, interactive communications," said Frank Morese, vice president of marketing for Trillium. "Global IP Sound's participation in the Trillium Alliance Program provides it with the competitive advantage needed to facilitate customers in the adoption of next-generation IP telephony software solutions that fuse the best-in-class offerings from both Trillium and GIPS." "As a member of the Trillium Alliance Program, Global IP Sound demonstrates to both equipment manufacturers and network service companies that SoundWare is a key enhancement technology for the industry's leading providers of software for the next-generation telephony infrastructure," said Roar Hagen, chief technology officer of Global IP Sound. "With a plug-and-play approach that allows SoundWare to be used to enhance standard codecs or serve as independent speech processing software in the voice packet stream, we provide the flexibility for economical implementation and proven capability to meet or exceed the audio quality of PSTN systems."
Gatelinx Selects Global IP Sound to Provide Voice Processing
SOUTHERN PINES, NC and SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Gatelinx Corporation, a provider of interactive customer service solutions, and Global IP Sound, Inc. (GIPS), VoIP sound processing company, today announced that GIPS' SoundWare voice processing software suite will be integrated into the Gatelinx family of customer service portals and call center solutions. The GateLinx portal solutions create face-to-face links over the Internet between sellers and consumers, enabling companies to improve customer service and increase sell-through rates. Integration of the SoundWare suite will bring better than PSTN quality Voice over IP (VoIP) performance to the Gatelinx portals. "Gatelinx is creating a new model for customer interaction in call centers and retail sales, and it is critical that we deliver a superior customer experience in all aspects of the Internet-based communication," said David Hagen, president of GateLinx Corp. "Working with Global IP Sound, our technical team is assured that the voice component of our real-time communications platforms is the best possible." "The portal solutions and supporting enterprise-class software developed by Gatelinx enable a new level of interaction between consumers and businesses," said Edward M. Abbati, Senior VP of Operations of Global IP Sound. "By using GIPS team of engineers to optimize voice throughout the system, Gatelinx product designers can concentrate on the unique elements of their customer service solutions."
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