Gryphon Unveils Core Voice

Gryphon, a provider of cloud-based, marketing privacy compliance, and sales-effectiveness solutions, has released Core Voice, a call recording and business intelligence service that captures voice conversations in real time.

The new product allows businesses to retain important, customer-related voice conversations from any sales or service agent throughout the enterprise. These recordings are often necessary for audit purposes, but also provide advanced monitoring and analytic capabilities, so that managers can gain better insight into sales activity and marketing effectiveness.

"With the strengthening of call recording laws like Dodd-Frank, companies have to find ways to capture sensitive conversations that could originate from any phone, at any time," said Eric Esfahanian, general manager of Gryphon's phone-based services, in a statement. "These same companies want the value that targeted analysis of client conversations could bring to new-hire training, sales-team optimization, and customer-service levels."

Agents can access Core Voice through a variety of methods, such as their office phones, via their CRM using click-to-dial, by dialing a 1-800 access and using an assigned PIN number, and from their mobile phones through a smartphone dialer app. Core Voice provides guaranteed compliance with Do-Not-Call and other marketing privacy regulations and is indemnified by Gryphon.

Core Voice also offers:

TargetSpeech Analytics: Core Voice automatically aggregates relevant voice interactions—wireless, landline, or VoIP—and delivers practical scores to determine the "sales effectiveness" and "script compliance" of each call, based on company-specific key performance indicators (KPIs). Target Speech Analytics can also deliver interpretations based on relationships, similarities, and patterns to detect emerging trends or opportunities.

Key Phrase and Emotion Alerts: Proactive emails can be sent when Core Voice identifies important words or phrases used during conversations. It can also send alerts based on irritation, anger, or happiness, which allows monitoring of user responses as well as agent inquiry.

Agent-Initiated Recording: Agents can use in-call disposition keys to initiate and terminate portions of a conversation, for documented consent or follow-up.

"Core Voice brings truly practical speech analytics to distributed marketing groups. Managers can better train, retain, and reward top performers based on actual interactions, while being notified of issues before they become real problems," Esfahanian said. "We're bringing call-center levels of marketing compliance and management visibility to the entire enterprise."

Gryphon Core Voice is built right into telecommunications networks and can be deployed as an optional add-in to existing Gryphon Core Phone users, or as a stand-alone service.

"Our solutions are purpose-built to help firms unlock their marketable universe and observe customer preference while improving sales productivity," said Jeff Fotta, Gryphon's president, in a statement. "Core Voice extends the ability of companies to limit their marketing privacy risk while increasing competitive advantage, without adding IT expense."

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