HAL Has New Voices; Control Your Music by Voice

LAUREL, MD - Home Automated Living (HAL) announces the release of two new HALvoices designed to make HAL's natural speech home control software more human sounding as it confirms user commands and reads Internet information like stock quotes, Email and more. HAL software and hardware products give users the ability to control their homes - by voice - from anywhere. Users may speak to any microphone connected to the PC, or to any phone anywhere to control lights, devices, appliances, thermostat, home theatre, security, telephone and Internet with normal speech. HAL's speech interface is interactive. HAL confirms user commands and retrieves Internet information on demand. Users may ask HAL to read stock quotes, news headlines, sports scores, weather reports, traffic, Email and TV listings. Users may call the home from anywhere and tell HAL to read new Email messages or to turn on the front door lights and adjust the thermostat, etc. The new HALvoices product is an add-on to core HAL systems including HALbasic, HALdeluxe and HAL2000. HAL telephone features include Caller-ID Announce, Voice Dialing, Custom Messaging, up to ten Voice Mailboxes as well as the ability to control your home by voice from any phone anywhere. HAL president Tim Shriver said, "HAL is committed to delivering the best speech technology available in our products. The new HALvoices keeps HAL on the leading edge of speech technology and will give our users even greater satisfaction - and fun - as they control their homes by voice from anywhere!" HALvoices represents a collaboration between Home Automated Living and AT&T. The new HAL product employs the AT&T Labs Natural Voices text-to-speech engine.
Control Your Music by Voice
LAUREL, MD - Home Automated Living (HAL) releases it's newest product, the HALdmc - Digital Music Center. The new HALdmc gives users the ability to control their music collections by voice - eliminating the need to search through stacks of CDs and CD changers.
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