Health Diagnostic Laboratories Selects Genesys IVR for Patient Appointment Reminders

Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL) will be integrating Genesys outbound interactive voice response (IVR) technology into its software-as-a-service-based appointment scheduling system.

HDL will now be able to provide proactive outbound patient appointment reminders and an opportunity for patients to reschedule an appointment if needed.

HDL chose Genesys to provide proactive customer care with outbound appointment reminders because the solution could be quickly and easily integrated into its existing TimeTrade platform.

Currently, if patients want to reschedule an appointment, they will be transferred to an agent or clinical health consultant. The next phase of the implementation will enable patients to reschedule appointments within the IVR, further reducing costs.

"Missed appointments are a common problem in the healthcare industry, causing lost revenue that cannot be recovered," said Michael Woodward, chief information officer at HDL, in a statement. "With the addition of outbound reminders, patients have the opportunity to confirm or reschedule a visit, freeing up potentially available time slots for other patients and increasing attendance at confirmed appointments."

"Proactive customer care using an outbound IVR provides a cost-effective solution forcommunicating with patients," said David Rennyson, executive vice president of Genesys Cloud, in a statement. "This type of proactive service strategy ensures a positive experience and strengthens the relationship between the patient, the clinical health consultant, and HDL."

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