HeyAnita Develops SALT Browser

HeyAnita, a voice software company and original contributing member of the SALT Forum, has developed a SALT browser. HeyAnita's FreeSpeech SALT Browser will enable companies to deploy multimodal SALT applications, allowing them to take full advantage of the SALT specification's versatility.

SALT allows developers to leverage existing mark-up languages, such as xHTML, to speech enable multimodal and telephony applications. The SALT specification provides a design that permits precise control yet supports running a single application on multiple devices with varying capabilities, including mobile phones, wireless PDAs and network-based servers. SALT draws upon existing standards where practical to accelerate adoption among developers, enterprises and service providers. By supporting the SALT specification, HeyAnita provides further flexibility to its service provider and enterprise customers, allowing them to utilize HeyAnita's SALT-supported voice applications across a wide range of devices. Central to HeyAnita's software technology is the FreeSpeech Platform, a middleware solution which supports SALT, VoiceXML and COM-based languages such as C++, VB and Java as well as provides neutrality to the underlying automatic speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS) and telephony board vendors.

HeyAnita's FreeSpeech SALT Browser enables deployment of applications developed using SALT-based tools, such as the Microsoft .NET Speech SDK and Visual Studio .NET.

"HeyAnita is an industry leader in building and deploying speech applications and is a key player in the growing SALT ecosystem," said X.D. Huang, general manager of the .NET Speech Technologies group at Microsoft. "By responding quickly to the growing demand for SALT applications and platforms, HeyAnita is empowering customers to deploy speech applications that fully leverage their Web investments."

"HeyAnita's support of SALT is totally aligned with our mission to provide the most flexible, powerful voice-enabled and multimodal solutions on the market," said Sanjeev Kuwadekar, CEO and co-founder of HeyAnita. "We deliver solutions that give companies choice at every level; including programming language of choice, speech recognition engine of choice and telephony hardware of choice."

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