Ifbyphone Launches Voice-To-Text Transcription

Ifbyphone today launched voice-to-text transcription software to its phone-application platform, enabling customers to transcribe interactive voice response, voicemail and other audio recordings to text via an application programming interface. 

Ifbyphone is the first cloud telephony company to offer customers on-demand access to three levels of transcription quality:

  • Standard Transcription: Fully automated machine transcription;
  • Premium Transcription: Combined machine and human transcription; and 
  • Ultra Transcription: Human only transcription.

“When businesses and developers have a need for phone applications, we want them to know they can depend on Ifbyphone’s platform,” said Ifbyphone CEO Irv Shapiro. “We’re reinforcing that message today by broadening the scope of our phone application suite to include a flexible transcription architecture.”

As an additional layer of flexibility, Ifbyphone customers will be able to access transcriptions online, via email, with or without the audio message and via API. 

Common uses of voice-to-text transcription may include:

  • Transcribing voicemail messages; 
  • Transcribing IVR dialogues to insert in a database for future searches; and
  • Transcribing call center conversations to monitor for specific phrases. 

“We are working hard at Ifbyphone to provide businesses of every size with a single source for automated telephone applications which work with any telephone,” Shapiro said. “We continue to enhance our suite with prebuilt solutions a company can rent, integrate with their core business processes, or extend with custom solutions.”

Transcription is currently available in beta for customers using Ifbyphone’s voice mail, IVR and API. Pricing starts as low as 4.5 cents for transcription of a 30-second message.

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