InquireTec Partners with 4D Inc. to Provide Voice-powered Databases

SAN JOSE, and DELHI, Calif. - InquireTec Software teamed with 4D Inc. to create a developer toolset called Inquire4D, which produces voice-powered databases designed for people who speak more efficiently than they type. The voice-enabled databases are powered by software developed by 4D Inc.

The speech-infused 4D environment allows developers to perform coded queries, sort, select and update multiple records by voice, Inquire4D SUI Pack as well as spoken dates, times, numbers and other data elements.    Inquire4D allows 4D to interact with the free speech engines that ship with Mac OS X and Windows XP.
Inquire4D has two versions. SUI Lite is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. SUI Pack, which has all the features of SUI Lite, plus added support for voice-enabled data entry, is currently only Mac OS compatible.

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