InterVoice-Brite Realigns Organization Into Unified Global Structure

DALLAS, TX - InterVoice-Brite Inc. (Nasdaq: INTV), announced that effective Aug. 1, it is converging its market-specific divisions into a single unified organizational structure due to changing market demands. Previously aligned as the Enterprise Solutions Division (ESD) and Network Solutions Division (NSD), the consolidation enables a heightened focus on the Company's core product lines and enhances support for combined customer markets while streamlining operational synergies and efficiencies. As previously announced internal reorganization and consolidation efforts were initiated in June to reduce expenses and to more efficiently and effectively manage the company. The new InterVoice-Brite organization will be led by Bob Ritchey as president. Ritchey was previously president of the company's Enterprise Solutions Division and has been with InterVoice-Brite since December 2000. Current economic conditions coupled with a dramatic shift in technology and market drivers from the 1990s to today have caused the convergence of productivity and customer service product offerings within the enterprise and network operator markets. The company's unified global structure will address these changing market demands and global customer requirements. "By restructuring our operations, we are looking to take advantage of the converging enterprise and network operator markets by maintaining a strong focus on our key product lines while providing better customer support," said CEO David Brandenburg. "With streamlined resources and processes, we have developed an efficient organization that is balanced with our short- and long-term revenue performance and profitability." The new organization will feature consolidated functions such as sales, operations, business development, marketing and engineering in addition to its current corporate-level support functions such as human resources, information systems, manufacturing and finance. As part of this new organizational change, InterVoice-Brite is also unveiling a new line of business (LOB) structure to enable a dedicated focus on the Company's core product lines and markets which include voice mail/messaging, prepaid/payment, voice/data portals and customer service automation/interactive voice response (IVR). This new LOB structure will provide product marketing and management staffs that will own the product development and profitability goals as well as marketing plans for each of the four distinct product lines. As a result of the new structure, InterVoice-Brite's global headquarters will remain in Dallas. The Dallas headquarters will also be the headquarters for its North and South American operations. The company's European headquarters in Manchester, U.K., will direct international operations, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. InterVoice-Brite will maintain regional operations and sales centers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Singapore, Wiesbaden, Germany, and Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. "The new structure will enhance service to our customers by adding more depth to our product and service offerings while expanding our ability to sell all of our products into broader markets," said Bob Ritchey, president of InterVoice-Brite. "Our new focus simplifies how customers will do business with InterVoice-Brite and will improve overall customer satisfaction." "Moving forward, our overall goal is to re-position the Company and establish a new market image consistent with the converging marketplace and new global customer requirements," added Ritchey. "With nearly 20 years of experience in automating communications, InterVoice-Brite is the acknowledged market share leader and will strive to maintain this leadership position by helping global organizations more effectively communicate with their partners, customers and employees." I
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