Interactive Intelligence Banks On IP

INDIANAPOLIS—Interactive Intelligence Inc., a developer of business communications software, has released a VoIP-enabled version of its outbound dialing and campaign management software, Interaction Dialer, designed for contact centers, teleservices firms, and collections operations.

The latest release of Interaction Dialer, version 2.4, is now based on the SIP standard so it can operate in an all-software, all-VoIP environment to help reduce costs and simplify management. The release includes an all SIP gateway called Interaction Gateway—an appliance connecting legacy telephone trunks (T1s) to VoIP networks. Interaction Gateway works with Interaction Dialer to give high-volume outbound contact centers accurate predictive call analysis capabilities.

"Interaction Gateway is unique because it provides advanced outbound call analysis, such as distinction between answering machines versus live speakers, and wrong numbers versus network issues, while taking full advantage of the open SIP standard," says Yankee Group Senior Analyst, Ken Landoline. "Combined, these enhancements result in more effective dialing campaigns, simplified deployment and configuration, lower cost, better redundancy, and unbeatable flexibility compared to traditional outbound dialing solutions."

The company says Interaction Dialer can reduce costs using Interaction Gateway at strategic locations to ensure it uses the most cost-effective call routing. To illustrate, in a typical configuration, ISDN PRI trunks from the public phone network are connected to Interaction Gateway. After that point, the entire configuration is voice over IP. This provides unmatched geographic independence. For example, the Interaction Dialer and Gateway servers can be in the U.S., while agents are in India.


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