Interactive Intelligence Dials an Upgrade

Interactive Intelligence, a provider of unified IP business communications solutions, released the latest upgrade of itsInteraction Dialer software.  Version 3.0 adds outbound dialing and campaign management functionality.  Specifically, the upgrade includes skills-based dialing features, which selects contacts in a call list based onwhether or not there are agents available to handle the specific problems.  This is a crucial aspect of outboundcampaigns.

For instance, a national campaign involving lenders andinsurers might require registered agents on a state-by-state basis.  If an enterprise doesn’t have agents licensedin an area, it wouldn’t want to reach out to callers located in that specific state.

Additionally, Interaction Dialer’s upgrades address issues of scalability. Targeted at both mid-size and large contact centers, thehighly scalable Interaction Dialer 3.0 features new dialing and database access optimizations such that it can support up to 250,000 calls per hour perserver.    

"We’ve had fairly strong market for our dialer foryears," says Matt Taylor, Interactive Intelligence’s director of productmanagement. "There are so many things that people need to do.  When you call people, they call youback.  How do you handle those calls?  Let’s say you have a group of 50 people calling you back?"

It’s important that the system process the high volume calls quickly so that callers don’t have to wait.  Interaction Dialer is designed to handle allinbound traffic, cutting waiting times and, by extension, abandonment rates.  

"Our goal is to make an all-in-one system," says Taylor.  "So instead of having a lot of different boxes in a big closet that run your system, all of these systems that have to play nice together, we deliver it all in software."

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