Jumptoit Integrates with Microsoft Office and Azure and Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform

Jumptuit has integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, enabling Jumptuit users to edit documents retrieved through cross-platform search and collaborate with others. The integration of Azure Machine Learning, part of the Cortana Intelligence Suite, and Cognitive Services automatically creates more searchable metadata from documents and enables voice search.

"With Microsoft Office 365, users can retrieve and edit documents from cloud services or smart devices connected to Jumptuit," said Donald Leka, founder and CEO of Jumptuit, in a statement. "Jumptuit users can even save, copy, move, or send Office documents cross-platform to any connected cloud or device. Productivity is further enhanced with the integration of the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite and Microsoft Cognitive Services, including speech recognition, language understanding, linguistic analysis, text analytics, and image and video analysis."

"The proliferation of cloud services and smart devices has created data fragmentation for consumer and business customers," said Bharat Sandhu, director of product marketing for data platforms and the IoT at Microsoft, in a statement. "Solutions like Jumptuit address this issue and we are pleased to see Jumptuit bring the benefits of Microsoft Cortana Intelligence and Microsoft Office 365 to our mutual customers."

Jumptoit has also integrated its products with the Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform, including Google Cloud Speech for speech recognition and audio transcription, Google Cloud Natural Language for document analysis, and Google Cloud Vision for image analysis.

"Google Machine Learning elevates Jumptuit's cross-platform search to create a magical search experience for consumers," Leka said. "With the integration of Google's Speech, Natural Language and Vision APIs, 'Just Ask Jumptuit' from any smart device and instantly access the documents, photos, audio, and video files you are looking for without having to remember file names or where they are stored. Jumptuit even helps you discover new people, objects, places, events and other information in your documents, photos, audio and video files."

With the integration of Google Cloud Speech, Jumptuit gives users command-and-control through voice, automatically transcribes audio files synced to Jumptuit from connected cloud services and smart devices (with support for more than 80 languages) and automatically classifies metadata created through machine learning into thousands of instantly searchable categories.

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