Loquendo Announces New Spanish Female Voice; Loquendo Announces Speaker Verification Technology

TORINO, ITALY - Loquendo presents the latest Loquendo TTS development: Isabel is the new female Spanish voice to accompany Juan. Loquendo's mission is to provide end-users with the best voice applications for e-mail by phone, real-time news, order tracking, access to corporate documentation, etc. Custom voices can be developed to suit many business needs. Loquendo TTS now speaks a number of the world's languages in a vast range of expressive voices.
Loquendo Announces Speaker Verification Technology
TORINO, ITALY - With the increased diffusion of automated phone-based services, being able to rely on secure, fraud-free transactions is a crucial issue for enterprises and end-users alike. This is especially true in the case of mobile transactions. Loquendo has created Loquendo Speaker Verification, which uses the voiceprint as a biometric to ascertain an individual's identity. Loquendo Speaker Verification is based on Loquendo ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) technology. It provides a range of authentication modes using any password: developers can choose among text-dependent verification mode (setting vocal password domains or leaving users the initiative); text-prompted mode (where the system tells users what to say to rule out any chance of access through fraudulently recorded passwords); text-independent mode (for set domains such as digits, etc). An array of languages is available: Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, U.K. & U.S. English, French, German, Greek. Today, Loquendo Speaker Verification is ready for commercialization. It interfaces with commercial databases and involves storing only small amounts of data (i.e. a few dozen Kbytes per user). This solution will provide customers with authentication technology that requires no dedicated equipment.
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