Loquendo Releases Indian English TTS

Loquendo has released an Indian English Text-to-Speech female voice named Veena, expanding its TTS portfolio to 32 languages with 76 voices, both male and female.

In India, English is an official language widely used in business and administration.

Veena, the new Loquendo voice, is natural-sounding and able to express emotions, including to laugh, to cheer, and to sigh, and to correctly interpret text message abbreviations, acronyms, and emoticons. She can even pronounce foreign words, while maintaining the native accent, thanks to Mixed Language Support

Loquendo TTS also allows the creation of User Reading Modes: by modifying a wide range of parameters, such as language, voice, speed, volume, encoding rates, etc., users can activate and deactivate a reading mode according to requirements.

Thanks to several product profiles, Loquendo Text to Speech is available for any application environment, whether telephony, Web, desktop, embedded, automotive, or mobile. Loquendo TTS enables its clients and partners worldwide to automate contact centers and customer care services for any business, such as telcos, banking, insurance, public administration, and healthcare, replacing expensive studio recordings while reducing time to market, as well as to voice-enable smartphones applications, SMS, and email reading, to power navigation devices, eLearning and publishing tools, and more.

Loquendo TTS is currently available in the following languages: U.S., U.K., Australian, and Indian English; Arabic; Russian; Mandarin Chinese; European and Canadian French; American, Castilian, Mexican, Chilean, Colombian, and Argentinian Spanish; European and Brazilian Portuguese; German; Dutch; Romanian; Polish; Greek; Turkish; Norwegian; Swedish; Danish; Finnish; Catalan; Valencian; Galician; Esperanto; and Italian, in both male and female voices, with more always under development

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