Lyrix Announces Numberless PeopleFind Conferencing

Lyrix announced PeopleFind Conferencing, a solution with speech-enabled dialing of corporate or personal directories and teams. As part of Lyrix's Unified Communications Architecture, PeopleFind Conferencing serves as a component to Lyrix's vision of the ability to call, message, or conference any employee, contact or team without knowing place, platform or numbers. The UCA and PeopleFind are specifically designed for large distributed enterprise's to enable both customers and employees to place calls using voice-activated dialing, manage find-me capabilities, enable numberless conferencing and more; essentially creating a Numberless Enterprise. PeopleFind Conferencing builds on PeopleFind's command of phonetic directories to offer speech control of spontaneous conferences as well as Web controls for traditional meet-me conferences. It offers a solution for all types of conferencing with connectivity to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network and emerging Voice over Internet Protocol services. Speech addressing and controls within PeopleFind make creating a conference simple and efficient. Users access PeopleFind from their desk phone or remotely through Lyrix Voice Portal Services and say, "PeopleFind Conferencing" followed by the names of the people they wish to conference. PeopleFind does the rest by contacting the requested parties, prompting them to join the conference, and then connecting all parties via the conferencing bridge. Users can initiate a conference with anyone in the corporate directory, their own personal directory or by speaking the number. PeopleFind Conferencing also offers reservationless, one-time and recurring scheduled conference calls through the intuitive Web interface. Simply provide participants with the toll free or toll number and the participant password code for the conference via e-mail or instant message. Advanced conferencing features include record and playback, roll call, document presentation, system management and call detail reporting. Lyrix's software-based conferencing solution can be installed in a range of network configurations. These include trunk integration to a PBX, directly to the PSTN (T1/E1 CAS, ISDN), or with SIP-compliant IP telephony sets from vendors such as Cisco, Pingtel and Grandstream. Both VoIP sets and traditional telephones may be used simultaneously on the same conference, and provide equivalent capabilities to the end user.

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