M*Modal Debuts Cloud-Based Speech Understanding Platform

M*Modal has launched M*Modal Fluency, a new line of clinical solutions built on the company's cloud-based healthcare Speech Understanding platform. The company also introduced M*Modal Fluency Direct, which speech-enables EHRs and other clinical systems on any workstation, anywhere in the enterprise, to assist care providers in creating high-quality clinical documentation. Providers can conversationally update patient narratives while M*Modal Fluency Direct interprets and understands their statements and populates EHR templates in a real-time, single process.

"At M*Modal, we've taken a unique approach to capturing the complete patient story through the power of advanced speech understanding," said Vern Davenport, chairman and CEO of M*Modal, in a statement. "We see the doctor's narrative as a rich source of unstructured clinical data that can now be easily created, explored, and analyzed to enhance the quality of care in the most efficient and meaningful ways, while improving internal processes, such as reimbursement."

The new line of M*Modal Fluency clinical solutions has been built on M*Modal's proprietary cloud-based Speech Understanding platform. The M*Modal Fluency family of solutions was designed to orchestrate information-enabled dynamic workflows that improve the quality, completeness, and compliance of clinical documentation.

M*Modal Fluency Direct provides:

  • Speech understanding capability: This capability analyzes the spoken word, understanding the intent and generating actionable data that informs and drives workflow in a real-time, single process.
  • Fully integrated enterprise-class technology: Whether relying on mobile reporting, direct EHR speech enablement, or back-end transcription, providers get a consistent, personalized experience from any location. All M*Modal Fluency solutions rely on a single cohesive technology platform housed in the cloud.
  • Out-of-the-box accuracy: There is no need to train M*Modal Fluency. It understands each physician's accent, dialect, cadence, and any sub-specialty terminology immediately.
  • Meaningful use and ICD-10: M*Modal Fluency enables providers to be more efficient at capturing patient information in their clinical systems. This in turn drives adoption of EHRs and facilitates compliance with incentive programs such as Meaningful Use, as well as assisting with the transition to ICD-10.

The M*Modal Fluency family of speech understanding solutions includes:

  • M*Modal Fluency Direct: Integrates effortlessly with leading EHRs and other clinical systems. Rather than typing, physicians simply speak into their EHR. In a single step, their voice instantly populates their system of choice.
  • M*Modal Fluency for Transcription: Offers a single document management and workflow solution integrating the capture of voice with speech recognition, editing, and electronic signature tools. It includes document distribution and EHR integration capabilities as well as advanced reporting analytics for data-driven decisions in support of workflow and quality improvements.
  • M*Modal Fluency for Imaging: Combines three solutions into one comprehensive platform—Speech Understanding technology with real-time prompts, unified work lists, and departmental business analytics—to measurably improve productivity, efficiency, quality, and patient outcomes.
  • M*Modal Fluency for Coding: Combines computer-assisted coding, an embedded encoder, and powerful workflow management tools to instantly impact the bottom line and ease the transition to ICD-10.
  • M*Modal Fluency for Practices: Enables physician practices to be compliant and productive with a cloud-based document management platform, easy dictation, quality transcription, and seamless integration with EHRs and other clinical systems.

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