M5 Networks Launches New Recording Solution

M5 Networks, a provider of unified communications and hosted, managed Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services, announced today its launch of M5 Replay, giving its business clients the ability to record and retrieve recorded phone calls via a Web interface.

Managed off-site by M5 Networks and made possible through cloud computing technology, M5 Replay offers M5's business clients a low-cost, on-site solution for their call-recording needs. M5 Networks stores and handles all of the data involved, and with no on-premises hardware installation required, it can be customized for any number of employees. Its basic features, which are accessed through the Web interface, allow employees to search for calls by caller name, phone number, time of call, date, or call duration, among many other attributes. 
The new prodct has three distinct modes, including full-time recording, employee-initiated recording, and look-back recording. Full-time recording continually records each employee's phone calls and enables recordings to be paused from a desk phone. Employee-initiated recording is controlled directly from each employee's desk. Look-back recording offers employees the ability to record a call in progress from when it was initiated. 

"The ability to record and play back calls is critical to any organization with a sales or client service focus," said Dan Hoffman, CEO of M5 Networks. "There is simply no better way to enhance training, ensure compliance, and identify telephone best practices."

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