Medallia Launches Medallia Speech

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Medallia today launched Medallia Speech, bringing speech analytics into Medallia Experience Cloud. The product introduction was made at Medallia Experience, a virtual summit Medallia held in place of the live user conference it cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medallia Speech brings together real-time voice transcription and speech analytics. It can transcribe 100 percent of calls; capture rich metrics, such as time, emotion, and gender; and calculate and generate rich attributes based on the audio, including silence, over-talking, clarity, emotion, and tone, according to Joanna Moser, solutions principal at Medallia.

Also included in Medallia Speech is a proprietary acoustics model "that will tell you how the overall emotion of the speaker is tracking over the course of the call," she said.

Machine learning and deep neural networks help Medallia Speech adjust to and learn from voice data.

Through the Medallia Experience Cloud, Medallia Speech can be combined with text analytics and Medallia Action Intelligence, bringing insights from digital, video, and other channels to provide a rich and comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end customer journey.

Medallia Speech, Moser said, "provides unified cross-channel reporting and helps companies understand why the customer called, where to focus first, and which actions to take next."

"There is a gold mine of insights in speech and video – two massive and growing channels – and Medallia is the only experience management platform to combine all of the human communication methods being used to gain feedback into a single platform, delivering the richest set of insights to take action on," said Leslie Stretch, CEO of Medallia, in a statement. 

Medallia Speech surfaces information about customer satisfaction, potential churn, and call center agent performance, according to Moser, who notes that the new offering can help companies see what is driving higher-than-normal call volumes and call lengths and detect agent performance and compliance issues that could require coaching. Combined with Medallia Action Intelligence, it can identify customers who need attention and give agents actionable suggestions. 

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