MicroAutomation Releases Hosted Application for Healthcare Insurance Providers

MicroAutomation recently began marketing a hosted, automated solution for use in healthcare insurance companies' wellness and disease management programs. MicroAutomation partnered with Message Technologies, Inc., (MTI) to provide hosting services for the solution.

The Automated Health Coach solution provides beneficiaries with specific information to help them better manage their quality of life and/or long-term healthcare issues. The partnership between MicroAutomation and MTI enables the Automated Health Coach solution to be implemented as a hosted solution, eliminating all capital budget expenses for healthcare insurance providers.

"The Automated Health Coach is an increasingly central part of any progressive health company’s wellness strategy," said Suresh Gursahaney, founder and chief technology officer at MicroAutomation. "Now preventative approaches can be put into action using the existing call center infrastructures of healthcare insurance providers. Plus, the solution is 100 percent HIPAA compliant, which insures the same high levels of beneficiary confidentiality. It gives healthcare companies more options to work with when enhancing their preventative medicine programs."

"Not only can the Automated Health Coach be easily integrated into an existing call center infrastructure, but now it can be deployed as a hosted solution in addition to premise-based options," said Darrell Knight, president of MTI. "Expanding the solution to include a hosted option greatly increases the ability of healthcare insurance providers to test out and see for themselves the benefits of our joint solution without having to invest any capital budget."

The Health Coach solution educates beneficiaries on ways to better manage their health and assists in personalized long-term disease management with helpful reminders for nutrition, exercise and medication—empowering individuals in their healthcare decisions. The solution also provides the business benefit of reducing claims costs by focusing on proactive healthcare and preventative disease management. It can also reduce the amount of incoming calls for companies by addressing requests for basic information.

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