Motivational Phone Calls Delivered by Voice Messaging Technology

CAPISTRANO BEACH, Calif. -- Motivational speaker and corporate trainer Rick Itzkowich is delivering a daily motivational message to clients over the phone using Vontoo’s automated voice messaging system.

Itzkowich’s firm, Productive Learning & Leisure (PL&L), created a new product called QuoteActions. A subscription-based service, QuoteActions sends an automated daily phone call to clients' mobile, business, or home telephones. During each call, Itzkowich or a colleague reads a memorable quote and then provides the client with a related motivational action.Itzkowich records each QuoteAction voice message through Vontoo's Web interface and schedules them for subsequent delivery. The phone calls are then made in mass at the prescheduled date and time.

Initially launched as a test program, Itzkowich has been overwhelmed by the positive response. "What pleasantly surprised me was the high value our clients ascribed to the call," he explains. "More than 95 percent indicated a willingness to pay up to $10 a month to receive it." In less than six months, participation has grown to nearly 400 subscribers.

In the future, PL&L may use Vontoo's voice messaging technology to customize daily voice broadcasts specific to each client or group of clients' demographics. Itzkowich believes it is the direct emotion of a human voice that is more appealing than an email text message that can be easily deleted or ignored.

Vontoo President and Co-Founder Dustin Sapp agrees. "Whether you're selling seats or selling participation, nothing is more motivating than receiving a personal phone call from someone you've grown to trust," he says.

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