NSC Adds Turkish and Greek Support to Its Word Spotting and Speech Recognition

NSC added Greek and Turkish to the list of supported languages. With this addition, users of NSC products can now deploy speech-driven services as well as keyword spotting-based systems in these languages.

The NSC Spotter is a Word Spotting product that spots spoken words in live communication or over recorded databases. It provides audio mining capabilities with an integrated product to Intelligence agencies, enabling the analysis of concurrent calls in real time or offline.

NSC offers to intelligence organizations the NSC SpotLite - a word spotting evaluation package, which enables a stand-alone installation of the product for small scale operation and evaluations. The NSC SpotLite is available now also in Turkish and Greek.

NSC also provides the languages supported in its NSC Speecher product, which is an ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) product, targeting speech-driven services in call centers, Telco, and enterprise markets.

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