NSC Releases Key Word Spotting Engine

RISHON LEZION, Israel - NSC (Natural Speech Communication Ltd.) launched a new product based on its speech recognition engine.  The new product, Key Word Spotting (KWS), can spot keywords spoken while monitoring on-going calls or recorded calls.

KWS is targeted to the security and call center markets and is provided as an add-on capability to recording platforms and telephony application developer's platforms. Unlike speech recognition for telephony speech-driven services, the KWS engine is active for the whole call duration, looking for specific words within a long spontaneous and natural conversation between two or more speakers.

Using NSC's family of speech recognition engines, the NSCBoard, the new product can provide monitoring capability of hundreds and thousands of simultaneous calls with system architecture.

NSC expects this product to provide its end users advanced features such as the ability to identify sensitive keywords in security context over live calls or off-line recordings and automation of the call monitoring process in call centers so calls are alerted as "interesting" when a keyword is mentioned (account cancellation request, mentioning competitors name, etc.) and brought to the supervisors attention.

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