National Aircheck to Deploy Nexidia Dialogue Search

National Aircheck has begun using Nexidia's Dialogue Search software to help it monitor media for its clients.

National Aircheck, which counts public relations firms, advertising and branding agencies, law firms, and politicians among its clients, monitors radio for client and product mentions, competitive intelligence, crisis issues, public opinion, and live commercial read tracking.

National Aircheck is also using Nexidia Dialogue Search software to confirm live reads of advertisements by on-air personalities.

Beyond those uses, National Aircheck has employed Nexidia Dialogue Search technology to gain broader and deeper reach into the media, which means it can offer other new benefits to its customers. Using this new technology allows National Aircheck to track mentions outside of the larger markets.

"After looking at what seemed like an endless array of different speech-to-text engines, we found Nexidia Dialogue Search to be much more accurate and far faster than any of them. We have always felt that so much of what was out there was actually more like speech-to-gibberish. We knew that these speech-to-text engines would miss mentions and return inferior results, meaning lost business for us. Now, using Dialogue Search, we can find specific mentions or verify accuracy in the blink of an eye, which, in today's nonstop, fast-paced media environment, is critical for our customers in planning their communications strategies," said Robb Wexler, CEO of National Aircheck, in a statement. "We've combined our 27 years of media-monitoring experience with the best technology available not only to improve what we're already doing, but also to grow our business in different directions."

"For many major broadcasters and other content owners, Nexidia Dialogue Search has become a critical tool for finding and repurposing their media assets. But we knew from the outset that Nexidia Dialogue Search — with speed and accuracy that far exceeds other speech-to-text-based products — would have much broader application," said Drew Lanham, senior vice president and general manager of Nexidia's Media and Entertainment division, in a statement. "National Aircheck's installation proves the tool's ability to accelerate and streamline workflows, expand business offerings, and develop new and better ways to monetize the spoken word well beyond broadcast."

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