NeoSpeech, a provider of text-to-speech software, is partnering with Skully, the producers of the first vertically integrated smart Heads Up Display helmet for consumers, to provide a text-to-speech voice for the helmet.

The Skully Helmet not only protects the rider in case of an accident but also enables access to other functions, such as seeing behind them using a rear-view mirror, using GPS, listening to music, and calling friends. NeoSpeech's TTS enables the helmet to communicate with the rider


NeoSpeech provides the voice of the helmet. The text-to-speech software is integrated into the system to enable the helmet to provide directions, tell the rider they are receiving a call, and more.

Skully had a choice of 30 voices in seven languages. It chose NeoSpeech’s male UK English voice, Hugh, to add a level of class and sophistication to the riding experience.

"This is the future of text-to-speech," said Devin Lee, CEO of NeoSpeech, in a statement. “Text-to-speech software enables consumers to communicate with technology in a way that minimizes potential harm and increases efficiency of operations. NeoSpeech is proud to work with Skully to bring to market an innovative new product that will help save lives and enhance the motorcycle riding experience.”

The Skully helmet was originally funded through a very successful crowdfunding campaign in late 2014, raising more than$1 million in three days and more than $2 million in total to start production. The first batch of helmets has been produced and the company began shipping helmet to backers at the end of 2015.