NeoSpeech’s TTS iOS-Embedded SDK Now Supports Bitcode

NeoSpeech, a provider of text-to-speech software, has released version 11.11 of its iOS VoiceText Embedded SDK. This new version supports Bitcode. NeoSpeech integrated Bitcode support into its package to benefit developers and end users of text-to-speech applications.

Apple unveiled Bitcode last June to allow the App Store to re-optimize apps for each kind of device before they're delivered to the user.

Developers have been using NeoSpeech's Text-to-Speech technology to create apps that make information more accessible to all, especially users who are visually impaired. NeoSpeech's voices can be heard on several apps used for navigation, health, customer service, screen reading, alerts, weather reports, tutorials, eLearning, and many other purposes.

"Providing Bitcode support in our iOS Embedded SDK will allow developers to fully utilize Bitcode, which will enable them to deliver outstanding apps to all Apple devices in a fraction of the time," said NeoSpeech's CEO, Devin Lee, in a statement. "Users will also reap the benefits as these apps will require much less memory to store."

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