NeoSpeech Turns TTS Over to Amazon Hosting

NeoSpeech, a text-to-speech (TTS) and speech technology solution provider, is now offering an upgraded version of its TTS Web Services through Amazon Web Services.

The cloud-based NeoSpeech TTS Web Services allow developers to build speech-enabled Web sites and applications and perform text-to-speech conversions using the provided Web application programming intertface.

By offering the service through Amazon, NeoSpeech is now increasing its scale of service, strengthening its developer infrastructure, and providing a more cloud-based, mobile platform, says June Hostetter, marketing manager at NeoSpeech.

Hosting through Amazon also guarantees faster and more reliable TTS service, she adds.

In addition to not having to run separate hardware or servers for text-to-speech, developers have instant access to the latest versions of speech audio without having to install or configure the software.

NeoSpeech TTS Web Services supports various audio output formats, including .wav, .pcm, .vox, and .ogg, and provides three American English voices: Paul, Julie, and Kate. Inputted text can be in plain text or SSML formats. A user dictionary is provided to modify pronunciation of any word.

The new service supports both SOAP and REST API  and is based on asynchronous architecture. It uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for security of the content during transmission.

This is not NeoSpeech's first dalliances with Amazon Web Services. The company last October moved its On-Demand TTS product to Amazon Web Services.

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