New Enterprise Customers Choose Angel.com for IVR Solutions in 2005

Angel.com has attracted 35 new enterprise-class customers in the first four months of 2005, from industries including retail, healthcare, non-profit, and professional services. New customers include 1-800-LAWYERS, a nationwide legal service; California Family Fitness, a chain of California health centers; and First Guaranty Mortgage, a full-service lender, among many others.

These companies have joined more than 1,400 businesses that are utilizing Angel.com's Internet-based solution that requires no investment in hardware, software, or human resources.  Angel.com's speech technology allows companies to build Voice Sites, which are toll-free numbers that replicate Web site functionality or other tasks which can be automated over the phone.

Examples of new customers and applications include the following:

  • 1-800-LAWYERS - 1-800-LAWYERS turned to Angel.com to help the company manage a toll-free phone system matching potential clients with lawyers in their area.
  • First Guaranty Mortgage - A nationwide, full-service lender, FGMC turned to Angel.com in order to provide a new payment option for its clients.  The company now offers a 24-hour phone line and an Angel.com-powered IVR interface that allows homeowners to make mortgage payments at any time.
  • California Family Fitness - This regional network of fitness centers based near Sacramento chose Angel.com to create a new phone number, 1-877-JOIN-CFF, which helps callers find the nearest California Family Fitness center based on zip code. 
  • Industrial Cleaning Management - ICM is a business services management company that provides floor care, janitorial and other maintenance services to major retail and other large commercial multi-location customers through its network of independent service providers. ICM's new Angel.com application allows service providers to call a toll-free number to enter information that allows ICM to track performance for its operations personnel, as well as for its customers through its proprietary Web-based reporting system.
  • Open Integrity - Open Integrity provides third-party quality monitoring and service analytics for companies in the telecommunications, technology, healthcare, and financial services industries.  Based in Charlotte, N.C., the company leverages Angel.com technology to create interactive customer service surveys for its clients. For a managed care organization, for example, Open Integrity created an Angel.com-powered survey that allows approximately 25,000 subscribers to provide customer satisfaction feedback.

"Angel.com has provided us with a user friendly toll-free system that has increased our number of phone calls considerably," said Marc Nerius, director of marketing for California Family Fitness. "We have been consistently impressed as Angel.com has proven that they have the skills and the patience to listen to us when we need to implement changes on our system." 

"To better serve our customers, it was necessary to ensure that their options were not limited to mailing a payment or calling in checking account information for a wire transfer," said Adam King, senior network administrator for First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. "Our IVR with Angel.com has provided our customers with another avenue for paying their monthly mortgage. In addition, the application also reduces our overhead by not requiring an employee to make each transaction."

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