New Resource on Speech Analytics Available

ContactBabel is writing a series of free, research-based guides on key technologies, solutions, and suppliers in the customer contact space, with a focus on their specific commercial benefits to businesses.

The first of these is "The Inner Circle Guide to Speech Analytics," a detailed and realistic analysis of the commercial benefits of this solution, as well as the technology, implementation best practices, ROI model building, expected results, and the market landscape. The report also features actual and potential end users asking tough questions to solution providers about the reality of using speech analytics.

Speech analytics offers a completely new way to look at improving customer contact, as businesses can discover why their customers are calling them rather than just processing calls ever more quickly and efficientlym meaning broken business processes get identified and fixed, and customers are served better, for less cost. Huge improvements to agent evaluation and quality are also possible, as well as being able to prove 100 percent compliance with regulations. Through understanding the content of vast volumes of calls, the level of actionable insight that speech analytics can unlock is unprecedented.

Aimed at contact center and business decision-makers that need a detailed and objective view of customer contact solutions, "The Inner Circle Guide to Speech Analytics" is now available for download, free of charge, from www.contactbabel.com.

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