Nexidia and HyperQuality Partner for a More Powerful Customer Intelligence Solution

Speech analytics provider Nexidia and HyperQuality, a provider of third-party quality assurance and business intelligence scorecards and metrics for contact centers, have partnered to offer a customer service solution that combines the best of what both companies have to offer.

The Nexidia-HyperQuality solution integrates Nexidia’s patented phonetic speech analytics technology with HyperQuality’s expertise in evaluating calls to identify people, process, product, and policy improvement opportunities.

Nexidia, which brings its Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) to the partnership, adds a level of automation to what was previously a much more labor-intensive, hands-on process.

“HyperQuality can now analyze 100 percent of the calls and get a much more rigorous data set based on the full body of all the calls coming [into a contact center],” says Jeff Schlueter, vice president of marketing and business development at Nexidia. “Were bringing in speech analytics to generate a much broader range of calls for HyperQuality.”>

 “Partnering with Nexidia is a natural fit for us, as their Enterprise Speech Intelligence solution provides call segmentation based on criteria specified by our clients, which in turn makes the detailed call evaluations a more efficient process for our joint customers,” Chris Coles, president and CEO of HyperQuality, said in a statement. “The result is more of the targeted calls being evaluated, yielding a richer set of insights and recommendations.”

According to Schlueter, the joint offering is part of a relationship that “has been building for a while.” Nexidia and HyperQuality share a lot of the same clients, “so it made sense for us to start working together,” he says.

Contact centers with a large number of agents typically analyze only cursory functions, such as average handle times, first call resolutions and other processes. With this new joint solution combining advanced speech analytics technology and quality evaluation services, a broad array of businesses can focus on improving what matters most—from systemic process issues to individual agent behavior. Additionally as a flexible, hosted offering, the new Nexidia-HyperQuality solution requires minimal infrastructure to deploy, allowing medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises to get started quickly with minimal capital costs.

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