Nexidia to Release ESI 9.0

NEW YORK (SpeechTEK 2011) – Nexidia, a provider of customer interaction analytics solutions, today announced significant enhancements in the latest version of its Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) product suite. This new release, version 9.0, provides major increases in system scalability and includes new features that allow supervisors to better monitor and evaluate contact center agent performance.

The new version will be generally available to new and current customers in late August.

With ESI 9.0, Nexidia has more than doubled its system scalability, allowing companies to capture "hundreds of thousands of hours of audio per day and analyze it all," said Jeff Schlueter, vice president of marketing and business development at Nexidia.

ESI 9.0 also introduces enhancements to Nexidia Evaluate, which is used to track and monitor agent performance across the site, team, and agent levels. New in this release, Nexidia Evaluate now includes a fully integrated Evaluation Scorecard system so contact centers can apply the Nexidia analytics directly into their agent performance management processes. This allows supervisors to target coaching on key elements requiring their attention.

The Evaluation Scorecards feature improves the evaluation, coaching, and auditing processes by providing:

  • The ability to automatically evaluate 100 percent of agent calls against defined performance standards and select calls that should be evaluated to improve performance.
  • Evaluation templates that can be customized and can include category weighting, an array of question types and question responses that can branch to other questions or categories.
  • Agent coaching support, allowing notes and required follow-up actions with corresponding due dates for the agent to be recorded.
  • Quality management of evaluators through auditing and calibrations. Evaluators have the ability to appeal audit results if they believe an error has occurred.
  • A wide variety of reports, including appeals, audits, calibrations, evaluations per agent, evaluator activity, and scores by agent, and be filtered by date, template, site, supervisor, and other parameters.

The new scorecarding"“grew from a desire to take audio and report on it on a more granular level," Schlueter says.

With these advances, "ESI effectively becomes a total analytics and performance management solution," Schlueter adds. "You can find the calls that matter and use those calls to evaluate and coach agents to improve their performance."

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