NextAlarm.com Introduces Automated Interactive Voice Response System

LAS VEGAS - NextAlarm.com introduced its automated interactive voice response (IVR) system, called V-Notify.  

With V-Notify, customers are immediately notified of any alarm signals at their home or business at the phone number of their choice by NextAlarm's automated system. NextAlarm can cross-connect the customer with their local police, fire department, or paramedics, when needed.  

V-Notify is a standard feature in all of NextAlarm's service plans, except for the Free NextAlarm Notify Plan.

V-Notify has two major sets of features: inbound and outbound. With the inbound feature, customers can call a phone number from any phone. After the customer enters their customer number and PIN, NextAlarm's voice attendant allows the customer to:

  • Hear whether their alarm system is currently armed or disarmed.
  • Put their account in test mode or cancel the test mode.
  • Listen to their recent alarm activity (e.g., "John disarmed system at 2:45 p.m.").
  • If the customer is using the Alarm Broadband Network (ABN), they can be connected through to their alarm system so they can interact with it (i.e., arm or disarm it, listen in to a room, etc.).

With the outbound feature, the customer, using the NextAlarm.com Web site, can configure their service for NextAlarm to call them whenever any alarm activity occurs. The caller specifies the phone number where NextAlarm can reach him. NextAlarm then informs the customer of what has occurred (e.g., "motion detector violation, upstairs hallway") and provides him with the option to be connected to the local police, fire department, or paramedics.

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